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Study (published 2019)
The private-sector security service in the permanent field of tension between clients and contractors

On the basis of interviews with clients and contractors, problem areas and recommendations for a future-oriented tendering procedure will be identified on the basis of their scientific evaluation.

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Study (published 2019)

The "Safety Culture" of German SMEs lacks awareness, strategy and sustainability 

The study makes it clear that, contrary to their international market position, the medium-sized hidden champions in particular have not developed sufficient security awareness and therefore have not taken adequate security measures. 

The complete edition of the study can be purchased through the IWiS Private Institute (mail order:

Joint project

Development of an innovative crisis management tool for SMEs 

Within the framework of a funded cooperation project with Vomatec GmbH, FIZ Karlsruhe, EASC e.V. and the IWiS Institute, a tool is to be developed that will enable small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to intuitively identify, record and evaluate risks and threats, take appropriate countermeasures and document the entire risk/crisis management process.


The IWiS Academy is an education and training initiative with a focus on security and crisis management in all its facets. As part of the international cooperation network with universities and other educational institutions offering a course in security and crisis management, foreign lecturers and students are invited to Germany for an intensive course on a security-related topic in order to work intensively on the respective core topic. The participants will be supported by impulse lectures from proven experts.

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