New perspectives

for security

The previous model of national security policy has been exhausted: Classically repressive general prevention fails because of ineffectiveness and costs, special social policy prevention because of legitimacy and costs. A modern policy of internal security must be reoriented. At the same time, it requires the creation of new social actors and institutions within defined limits and responsibilities. This growing necessary participation of society with its relevant actors requires new perspectives for security.


IWiS Private Institute for Business Protection and Security Research Ltd. acts as one of these new players within an extensive network and stands for practice-oriented research and training for the optimisation of security-relevant processes and technologies of social and private security. 


About us

IWiS - an independent and non-party company Ltd. deals with research, consulting and teaching on practical issues relevant to civil security on an interdisciplinary, cross-departmental and cross-methodological basis. Activities focus on research and the preparation of studies as well as training and further education, training and workshops on specific security topics such as risk management, business continuity, cyber security, supply chain security, crisis management and know-how protection.

What we stand for


Security -

an important basic need both for society and its individuals as well as for enterprises - is becoming increasingly important in this day and age. Within the private sector, it is also increasingly seen as a business enabler. 

Together with its national and international cooperation partners, IWiS wants to strengthen its perception of internal and entrepreneurial security, develop new models of cooperation between state institutions and private sector actors and further develop the necessary expertise of acting actors in accordance with international security standards.

IWIS in profile

A team of security managers with many years of practical experience and responsible activities in large and medium-sized companies as well as numerous cooperation partners represent the expertise of the institute. 

The common goal is to develop new foundations for a blueprint oriented to current threats and risks and manageable tools for efficient security management.

Studies / Projects



"The private-sector security service in the permanent field of tensions between clients and contractors" 

On the basis of conducted interviews with clients and contractors, problem areas and recommendations for a future-oriented tendering procedure will be identified on the basis of their scientific evaluation.

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